October 24th-28th

Sneak Peek of the Week

Week 9: October 17th-October 18th

Hello families,

Thank you for joining me for your child's fall conference!  It was so great to meet with you to discuss your child's growth and progress in Kindergarten.  
Classroom Jobs
This week we will begin classroom jobs!  Every student will have his/her own job and will keep that job for the entire week.  The next week, your child will begin a new job.  We will rotate through jobs each week so that every child will get to have each job at least one time.  Having a classroom jobs helps to create a sense of responsibility and a stronger work ethic.  Many students will have jobs to report to the class at President’s Meeting, and one student will even be President and lead the class in a meeting!  I know the students are very excited to begin jobs.  Ask your child about his/her job after school today!
Writer's Workshop
As you know, on Monday and Tuesday mornings we have Reader's Workshop and Science with Erin.  Students will continue to learn about trees and labeling the parts.  In Reader's Workshop, students will continue to work in their Guided Reading Group to practice reading, sight words and letter sounds.
On Wednesday and Thursday mornings we will begin Writer's Workshop!  In Writer's Workshop, students have the opportunity to share stories and write about topics that interest them.  Sometimes in Writer's Workshop we'll integrate Social Studies or Science topics.  For this week, we'll learn how to use our writing folder and how to come up with story ideas.  Students will have opportunities to write and share their stories.
As you know, we're working on shapes in math.  This week we'll continue to discuss features of shapes.  Students will learn that corners are sometimes called "vertices" and sides are sometimes called "edges".  We'll play a game called "Fill the Hexagons" to help us see the many ways shapes (triangles, rhombuses and trapezoids) are used to make a hexagon.
Special Notes:
  • You will find your child's emergency contact form in his/her folder.  Please read, update and make any necessary changes to the form.  Please return the form in your child's folder by the end of the week.
  • There is no school on November 3rd and November 4th.


Thank you!