Week 6

Sneak Peek of the Week

Week 6: October 3rd-October 7

Hello families,

Here's what we're working on this week!


Daily 5/Reader's Workshop/Science

Last week, students practiced reading the pictures of a book and retelling the story using their words.  We'll continue to practice "Read to Self" and engage in other literacy activities.  We'll learn to call our reading time "Reader's Workshop".  In addition, Erin will work with us during this time to explore Science concepts.  Students will work in a smaller group with Erin to write in their Science notebooks and learn more about trees.



We'll continue to work on identifying, naming and extending patterns.  Also, we'll continue to work on getting familiar with Math Workshop by rotating in groups to different math centers.  You can help your child at home by noticing patterns around your home!




Reading Buddies

On Friday, we'll meet with our 3rd grade reading buddies!  Kindergarten students will be assigned one or two 3rd grade buddies.  Students will be introduced to their buddy/buddies and practice reading a book together.  Reading buddy time will help us get to know other students at Webster and help build our stamina for reading!


Special Notes:

  • We had a blast at Apple Jack Orchards on Thursday!  Students rode on a wagon ride, taste-tested different apples and learned about the life cycle of apple trees.  
  • Please contact me directly if you did not sign up for a fall conference time.  I will send home a reminder of your scheduled time early next week.
  • Please send your child to school in weather-appropriate clothing and shoes each day.  Unless conditions are not safe, we will plan to go outside for recess everyday.  
  • Students are expected to type in their 6 digit code at lunch everyday.  Please help your child practice his/her number at home.  If you need an additional copy of your child's lunch code, please let me know!


That’s all of the news for now!