Week 5

Sneak Peek of the Week


Week 5: September 26th-September 30th


Hello families,

This week in Kindergarten we will continue to work on routines and procedures in our academic areas.  One of which is Daily 5...


Daily 5

The Daily 5 model is a student-driven management structure designed to fully engage students in literacy.  We'll begin by focusing on the 3 ways to read a book: read the words, read and talk about the pictures, and retell a previously read book.  Students will engage in "Read to Self" by reading (words, pictures, retell) independently.  We'll discuss what a successful Read to Self session looks like (i.e. read the entire time, get started right away, choose one quiet spot).  



Students will continue to practice rotating through math centers (see last week's newsletter).  Our mini-lessons will focus on Unit 1: Patterns.  Students will explore, create, complete and extend repeating patterns.  

Here are our learning targets for our Pattern Unit: 

1   I can describe and create repeating patterns.

2  I can identify a repeating unit.

3  I can learn in math workshop.



This week we'll begin our study of Trees, our first Science Unit!  Students will have a special Science notebook to record observational writing and drawings of trees.  

Here are our learning targets for our Tree Unit: 

1   I can observe and compare plants.

2  I can identify and name outside parts of plants.

3  I can identify the properties of living objects.

4  I can describe what happens in nature when the seasons change.

5   I can sort objects into groups from nature or human made and explain my reasoning.

Special Notes:

•   If you have not signed up for conferences, please e-mail me as soon as possible so we can select a time that works for you.  If I do not hear from you, I will schedule an open time for you and send home the details.


That’s all of the news for now!