Week 31

Sneak Peek of the Week

Week 30: April 17th-21st

Dear Families,

I hope you are enjoying this long-awaited Spring weather!  It looks like we might have a rainy week ahead of us.  We will go outside for recess unless it's raining, however, we may still go out if the ground is still wet.  Rain boots (or water-proof shoes) may come in handy!



As you know, we are working on strengthening our number sence and solving problems.

Specifically, we'll focus on the following learning targets this week:

  • I can solve addition and subtraction story problems.
  • I can add/subtract two numbers.
  • I can show combinations of numbers higher than 10 automatically.

In solving story problems, students will learn the following steps:

  1. Read the problem and circle the important numbers.
  2. Decide if the problem involves addition (the number will get bigger) or subtraction (the number will get smaller).
  3. Show your work.
  4. Write an equation.
  5. Write the answer and include a unit.


Science (from Erin)

Kindergarteners will be returning to the science room with Erin for the rest of the year. Students are finishing up a few last explorations with paper: discovering how water and paper interact, making recycled paper, and paper sculptures. Then we will learn how to operate and code Bee Bot Robots. Bee Bots are small floor robots for young children. Students will begin to understand the concept of coding and how to enter commands into the robot to make it go places throughout the room. Please contact Erin with any questions (erin.klug@mpls.k12.mn.us)


Special Notes:

  • I will be out of the building on Friday (April 21st).  If you have any changes in your child's dismissal plan for Friday, please contact me before the end of the day on Thursday.  Otherwise, please contact the office so the guest teacher is notified of the change.  Thank you!
  • Just in case you missed Carissa's Spanish update for April, here it is:


¡Feliz primavera!

En kínder y primer grado, aprendemos los animales de la granja y cantando sobre la granja. In kindergarten and first grade, we are learning farm animals and singing songs about them.


That's the news for now!