Week 28

Sneak Peek of the Week

Week 28: March 20th-24th

Dear Families,

As the weather will continue to fluctuate, please send your child in clothing appropriate for the day.  There are not enough snowpants, gloves, rain boots, etc. for all children to borrow.  If you are in need of specific items, please contact me and I can help.  Your child is welcome to leave spare gloves, boots, snowpants, etc. at school to avoid the hassel of bringing items between home and school.  



We concluded our study of 3D shapes last week.  You'll find the Unit 5 journal pages in you child's folder this week.  Please use this at home as you see fit!

This week we'll begin Unit 6: Solving Problems.  In this unit, students will explore situations involving combining and separating numbers.  Kindergarteners will demonstrate forward and backward counting up to 31, or beyond.  Also, students will explore different ways of representing numbers up to 31, or beyond.  We'll continue our practice of number sense routines by comparing and ordering numbers up to 20, or beyond.

Here are the long-term learning targets:

  1. I can solve addition and subtration problems with numbers up to 10 (or beyond).
  2. I can take apart and put together numbers up to 10 (or beyond).
  3. I can count backward from any number between 1 and 31 (or beyond).
  4. I can compare and order whole numbers up to 20 (or beyond).


Special Notes:

  • Please send in any unused cardboard this week (and next)!  We'll use cardboard (preferably 8.5x11 inches or so) to create a unique collage in the Project Lab.  Thank you!
  • On Monday morning the Yale University Choral Group Society of Orpheus and Bacchus will perform for Webster kids!
  • There is no school on Friday, March 31st for Record Keeping Day.
  • There is no school Monday, April 3rd to Friday, April 7th for Spring Break.


Thank you!