Week 27

Sneak Peek of the Week

Week 27: March 13th-17th

Dear Families,


This week we'll wrap up our study of 3D shapes.  Kindergarteners will make a special book about the 3D shapes.  Also, we'll continue to explore the attributes of 3D shapes in our small groups.  Students will use marshmallows and toothpicks to construct different 3D shapes.  This will further our understanding of faces, edges and vertices of 3D shapes.  We've had fun singing along to a special 3D shapes song.  You can listen at home! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cg-Uc556-Q

Next week we'll begin Unit 6: Solving Problems.  Please read next week's newsletter to view our long-term learning targets for Unit 6.


Reader's Workshop

As you know, each week we focus on a specific letter sound and high-frequency words in Reader's Workshop.  At the end of each week Kindergarteners show their understanding of the content on a 3-page assessment.  The purpose of this assessment is to check your child's ability to locate sounds in a word, read/recognitive high-frequency words and decode short words commonly found in their books.  Please take the time at home to review this document with your child.  I'll write brief notes/corrections to help guide your conversations at home.  You'll find your child's weekly assessment in the green folder.

Special Notes:

  • Please send in any unused cardboard this week (and next)!  We'll use cardboard (preferably 8.5x11 inches or so) to create a unique collage.  Thank you!
  • Just in case you missed Carissa's newsletter, here's what the Kindergarteners are working on in March:


Practicamos las rutinas de la clase. Es importante mirar y escuchar para poder aprender el español. We are practicing class routines. Listening and looking are important skills to be able to learn Spanish.

We are also reviewing what we have learned in Spanish and what we can do to learn more. También reflexionamos sobre lo que hemos aprendido del español y qué podemos hacer para aprender más.
En kínder y primer grado, dibujamos mapas del salón de clases. Aprendemos palabras como arriba y abajo. In kindergarten and first grade, we are drawing maps of our classroom and other parts of the school. We’ll use words like up and down.