Week 24

Sneak Peek of the Week

Week 24: February 21st-24th

Dear Families,

Thank you for joining me for your child's winter conference last week!  Please keep your child's winter progress reports for your records and, as always, let me know if you have any questions.


As you know, we are utilizing iRead as we pilot Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  "iRead is a digital program designed to give children individualized experiences that will ensure they master the alphabet, phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency, while building a vocabulary and comprehension" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt).

You will find you child's username and password for iRead in his/her folder if you would like to utilize it at home (though, it is not required).  

Please visit this site to learn more about iRead and how to use it at home http://www.hmhco.com/products/iread/family/



Last week we completed our fourth unit in Math (Compare, Order and Sort by Attributes/Measurement).  This week we'll begin our next unit on 3-D shapes.  In this unit students will sort and compare 3D shapes based upon the attributes of color, size, thickness and shape.  In addition, students will use 3-D shapes to model objects in the real world.

Here are the long-term learning targets for Unit 5:

  1. I can recognize and name 3-D shapes.
  2. I can sort 3-D shapes.
  3. I can match 3-D shapes to objects around me.



Science (from Erin)

In science, students are exploring two new materials - fabric and paper. We are comparing different types of each material, working on describing each material with sensory words and writing descriptive sentences in our science notebooks. Students also had a first experience with sewing fabric. I hope you enjoyed seeing the little hand sewn hearts and shapes which came home last week. In a few weeks, we will explore the many things we can make from paper. 

Last month, we set up a bird feeding station outside the science classroom. It is taking the birds a long time to discover the seed but we keep watching! We were able to observe many birds on our snowshoe walk. Students measured their own "wingspan” and “wingspeed” just like scientists who study birds - ornithologists. 


Special Notes:

  • Please be sure to read, sign and have your child return his/her field trip permission slip as soon as possible!  If you need a second permission slip, please let me know so I can send it home with your child.
  • Literacy night is this Thursday, February 23rd!  You are invited to join your child in literacy activities at Webster anytime between 5:30-7:30pm.  
  • Please continue to send your child in weather-appropriate clothing every day.  We plan to go outside for recess everyday (unless it's raining or below zero temperatures)!

That's the news for now!