Week 20

Sneak Peek of the Week

Week 20: January 23rd-26th

Dear Families,

We have a couple special events coming up soon!  Please read on to find out more about the 100th day of school and Valentine's Day.


100th day of school

In celebreation of the 100th day of school (February 10th), students will engage in fun activities surrounding the number 100! Also, we'll reflect on all of the learning we've done in Kindergarten thus far!  You will find a letter in your child's folder regarding an at-home activity for the 100th day of school.


Valentine's Day

Students will create a special Valentine's Day box.  We ask that you please send in a shoe box for your child for this activity (please write your child's name on the box).  If you have any extra shoe boxes, please send them in!  We need shoe boxes by February 3rd, but you can send them in before hand.

On February 14th, we'll celebrate friendship by exchanging Valentines in the classroom.  You will find our class list in your child's folder.  You can use this list to help your child create Valentines however, names do not need to be written on Valentines.  Please be sure you have a Valentine for each child in the classroom.  If you're in need of Valentines, please let me know!

It's district policy that Valentines may not contain food/candy due to allergies.  Thank you for respecting for this policy.



We'll begin out next unit in Math this week.  In this unit, students will explore comparing and ordering objects by size, length and weight.  Students will measure objects using non-standard units.

Please view our long-term learning targets:

  1. I can describe the attributes of objects.
  2. I can compare the attributes of objects.
  3. I can order objects by their attributes.
  4. I can sort objects by their attributes.


Special Notes:

-There is no school on Friday, January 27th and Monday, January 30th.

-I will be out of building on Wednesday, January 25th for a training.  If you have any changes in your child's dismissal plan, you must call the school office.  

-Please send in your requests for the Winter Conferences as soon as possible.  I will be creating our schedule this week.  If I do not receive a request from you, I will schedule your child's conference in a time slot I have open.  


That's all the news for now!