Week 15

Sneak Peek of the Week

Week 15: December 5th-December 9th

Dear Families,

This week during Morning Meeting we'll begin Sharing!  Kindergarteners will have an opportunity to share every week, for the rest of the school year.  Please click on this link to learn more about Sharing http://webster.mpls.k12.mn.us/sharing

Winter Assessments

This week I'll begin to work with children one-on-one to complete our winter assessments: the Kindergartern Concepts of Math and Literacy assessment tools (letter identification, letter sound and other beginning reading skills).  This process can take some time with many components to each assessment.  I will communicate your child's winter testing results as soon as I am able.  


Global Minnesota-Classroom Connection

Last week, we met Svetlana and learned what a "Day in the Life" looks like for a typical Kindergartener in Russia.  Svetlana will visit us again on Wednesday afternoon.  We'll learn about landforms, climate and weather in Russia.  We will make connections to our study of trees in Science! 


Special Notes:

-On Friday, students created unique wood sculptures during our Project Lab time.  We'll add color to our sculptures with paint this week!  

-Please keep in mind that library books are due back on Thursdays.  This allows time for children to choose a new book before Friday, our check-out date.  Please contact me if you have any questions about our book check-out process.


That is the news for now!