Volunteer at Webster!

We are so delighted that so many community members are interested in volunteering at Webster Elementary. Mill City Commons and the Yale Alumni Association have many active volunteers at Webster; we also have many parents and other community members who volunteer regularly. We are fortunate to have over 30 volunteers that join us weekly at Webster and we would love to have more! 

We have a Volunteer Coordinator, Ron Goldser, who would be glad to share about opportunities to volunteer at Webster and help you get signed up for volunteer training. You can contact Ron at rgoldser@gmail.com
 with any questions or to get signed up and trained for volunteering at Webster. 

Though there is a large variety of volunteer opportunities, here are a few key opportunities that are available:

  • Join us for the first hour or so of our day for our community literacy hour or "LitHour." Read with students, have students read to you, model reading, talk about reading, write about reading . . . join us as we help all students be strong readers and build a love of reading and associated literacies.
  • Join students for lunch! We have a family style dining program where one adult joins a group of 6-8 students at their table for lunch. Support students to be inclusive and create a healthy time and space for eating. Help students build independence and confidence as they set their table, pass food, eat, clear their table, clean their table, and make conversation.
  • Join a classroom or our enrichment block to help with projects, work with students one on one . . . there are many wonderful opportunities to support students.