Testing Schedule

Below you will see the standardized testing that we complete each year. We generally do testing in the fall and spring, with some assessments happening in the winter. Dates for the testing will be included in the Weekly Webster Family Newsletter.


  • FAST aReading & aMath: 1st-5th grade 
    • Fall, Winter, & Spring (1st & 2nd only in Spring)
  • FAST earlyReading: Kindergarten
    • Fall & Spring
  • Concepts of Math: Kindergarten & 1st grade
    • Fall for both, Spring for Kindergarten
  • ACCESS for Engligh Language Learners
    • Winter
  • MCAs Reading & Math: 3rd-5th grade
    • Spring (usually April)
  • MCA Science: 5th grade
    • Spring (April or May)
  • CogAT: 2nd grade
    • Winter (November or December)



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