Math At Webster

At Webster, we are committed to students building their skills through practice in a variety of ways. We want to make this work as relevant as possible so that student interest and engagement is maximized and student learning is reinforced through interconnected work. 

Students will engage in hands on activities ranging from the use of manipulatives, to the use of problem solving scenarios with opportunities for direct application. For example, if we need to order supplies, it may be that students who are working on multiplication may be given the task to help us figure out how much we need to order so that all classrooms get enough supplies. And when we need to distribute those materials, it may be that our younger students who are working on their counting skills could help out.

We will also be thoughtful to integrate and apply mathematics for more in-depth studies. For example, 2nd graders study plants. As a part of this work, they may decide that we need to plant some trees to provide shade somewhere on our school grounds. In addition to researching trees and learning about plant characteristics, students would also need to consider the growth rate, the size of the canopy, the relationship between the sun and the tree at different times of day, etc. in order to make a good decision regarding what tree to plant. 

To learn more about Mathematics at MPS, visit the Math Department website.