Literacy at Webster

At Webster, we work hard to develop a strong literacy culture at our school and to connect with our families and community to support this literacy culture at home, at school, and in the community. Students will engage with text that is relevant to them and to the curriculum. It will be our priority to provide students with ample choice in their reading selections to promote continued interest in becoming a lifelong reader.

Students will regularly have the opportunity to respond to their reading by sharing through writing, video, audio, and discussions with peers, educators, and community members. Not only will students develop their reading and writing literacy, but they will also develop their technological literacy as a part of this sharing process: creating a video review of a book to share with other potential readers of the book through school use of an app called Aurasma, writing a post to share with families through Facebook or the school newsletter, and many other possibilities.

Literacy Hour

Our Kindergartners start their day in Literacy Hour. This part of the day is a time where our Kindergartners are together in the media center engaging with teachers and volunteers in a variety of literacy activities. You will find various activities going on: students reading with an adult in small groups, one on one instruction through literacy games, students reading independently or with an adult or peer partner, students writing or narrating a story, using technology to produce writing or build their speaking skills, and various other activities that build their writing, reading, speaking, and media literacy.

To learn more about literacy, visit our MPS Elementary Literacy website.