Jane Panning
  • B.A. Occupational Therapy, St. Catherine University

A bit about me . . . I have been an occupational therapist in Minneapolis Public Schools for 18+ years. I truly love my job, especially watching students gain independence in the classroom. When I work with students, I love listening to their stories, their excitement when they try something new, being there to help when things get difficult and encouraging them to try their best. I especially love when a student with a disability learns how to complete a task in a manner similar to that of their peers. Don’t be surprised if I well up with tears when that happens.

Outside of school, I love spending time with my family (husband, daughter, and son), traveling, reading books, knitting, tending to my first garden, and gatherings with friends and extended family.

I believe in . . . finding the positive in every situation; ongoing learning no matter your age or ability; compromise; working as a team; kindness and understanding; everyone’s ability to make a difference.