Ginger Davis Kranz
  • K-12 Administration License, University of Minnesota
  • Responsive Classroom & Developmental Designs Training, Level 1
  • Montessori Training in Children's House through Elementary II, and Adolescent AMS Certification, Houston Montessori Center
  • M.A. Teaching and Learning, Saint Mary's University
  • Teaching License: Life Sciences, St. Olaf College & Urban Education Program, ACM--Chicago
  • B.A. Biology, St. Olaf College


A bit about me . . . I have worked in education for 25+ years in a variety of roles and settings and haven't looked back. I am grateful to have work that has allowed me to learn with 1 year-olds to 85 year-olds and continually reminds me of the grace and capacity of the human spirit. Among many things that I love, I love going on adventures with my family (husband, two kids, and dog—Ninja), family movie/Nova/game night, going on walks, impromptu gatherings with friends, bicycling, dancing, singing, listening to books and music, meditation, exploring new places, and the vibrant life of a school community.

I believe in—constructing knowledge; asking questions; speaking truth with grace, even when it’s hard or scary; believing in, and being, myself, even though I might not fit someone’s expected mold; seeking to understand; constructive conversations; kindness and love.

My education journey—I had a Dad who was always asking me math questions or riddles, a Mom who taught me how to paddle a canoe and have correct grammar, a best friend who taught me how to dance, and many passionate & caring teachers in the MN schools I attended who supported and inspired me. I’ve been a pre-school teacher, Kindermusik teacher, 5th-8th grade teacher, undergrad and grad school teacher for teachers, and an administrator, but what I am most passionate about in my education journey, is just being a learner every day.

Books—Though I don’t tend to have favorites, I love the Elephant and Piggy books by Mo Willems (reading them with my own kids and anyone else who will read them with me :) ), most any book by Barbara Kingsolver, and autobiographies when the author is wise, funny, insightful, down-to-earth, and beautifully flawed, just like the rest of us.

Stories to tell— the end of my favorite childhood bike; playing basketball in Nanxiong, China; useful advice from my Dad; climbing Mt. Baker; the drive through tantrum . . .