Dining at Webster

With Webster's interior re-design there is a brand new kitchen, so fresh food is prepared on-site for meals. The dining hall is a space for meals as well as school and community gatherings.

We have a family style dining program at Webster! A huge thank you to Bertrand Weber and his MPS Culinary and Nutritional Services staff for working with us to develop the program; and to Rachael Mohr, our Webster Nutrition Coordinator, for getting our program up and running. We all, including our students, have worked hard to develop our systems to support this program which is unique to Webster Elementary.

Why family style dining?

Family style dining helps to create a comfortable, healthy dining experience; provides opportunity for students to engage with each other in mealtime conversations; and student ownership of the space. Students sit in groups with one adult joining their table. Students enjoy engaging in practical life activities, such as bringing the food to the table, helping to set the table, pouring beverages into cups, helping to clear the table, and engaging with each other as they pass food around the table. Other benefits of this model:

  • Waste reduction--one way we will reduce waste is the use of considerably less packaging for our beverages.
  • Students
    will be supported to engage with each other so that all students feel welcome at the table.
  • Students will practice table manners and learn to take their fair share of the food served.
  • Starting and ending the meal together creates a more calm/less chaotic eating experience. 
  • Students build confidence and pride in their skills and their ability to care for themselves, as well as to care for others.
  • Nutritional services staff interact with the students and are an integral part of their lunch time experience.
  • Students have numerous opportunities to employ practical life skills with support from a caring adult. And when there is spilled milk, there could be crying, but most likely the student will know that mistakes happen, grab materials, and simply clean it up (or a table mate will have already eagerly done so for them :)).

We engage our students in helping us to improve our process so that we have a healthy and joyful dining experience for all. If you would like to help out, please contact us so we can get you on our volunteer schedule.

To get more information about our nutrition program, visit the Culinary & Nurtitional Services website.