Cian McDonald

My name is Cian(key-in) McDonald.  I have been working as a classroom assistant for over 20 years, 8+ years in Special Education.  I also have over 15 years worth of experience supporting children, adults, and families with special needs in the home, workplace, and in medical settings. It is a continuously evolving skill and privilege I enjoy.


A bit about me . . . I love adventure, including camping, kayaking, and biking in the summer; and in the winter, dog sledding, cross country skiing, sledding and skating. What makes the adventure complete is weaving into the experience learning about environmental science, including human interaction, animal life, and plant life. The best opportunities include teaching kids to mindfully engage with their unique skills and needs in these various adventures.


I am also blessed to be involved in community as a mindfulness and meditation teacher, and activist for inclusivity.