Application Information

To apply for a position at Webster Elementary, visit the "Careers" tab on the Minneapolis Public Schools website. 

In order to participate in the "Interview and Select" process, all teacher candidates must be in a position pool (passed a screening process with Human Capital, contact HR with any questions) or already teach with MPS, and have a teaching license that does not expire this June (so if yours is up for renewal, you must get it updated before the process begins, this is required by HR). Interested candidates need to meet these criteria and apply through Interview and Select.

For all teacher positions, there are optional materials you could include with your application: 1-2 page statement of educational philosophy and/or 1-2 letters of recommendation. After applying in the Interview & Select process, please email them to the principal.
We continue to work to build the diversity of our staff so that we can better reflect our student community in our staff community and further enrich our community as a whole. All are encouraged to apply.

Please contact the principal at our school phone number 612-668-1210 or email with any questions about positions or if you'd like to visit to learn more about Webster. Please do read our website to learn more about our program and to decide if Webster is a good fit for you. 

We look forward to your application!