At Webster

.  . . all students and staff will construct knowledge, skills, and understanding through problem-solving, collaborative work, individual interests, and community partnerships. We will build a culture where all are welcomed and supported to be their best selves, where making mistakes is embraced as opportunity for reflection and growth, and where the curriculum engages the intellect, as well as the creative, social, emotional, cultural, and civic lives of our students.

Students will be nurtured and challenged to be courageous, inquisitive, engaged, growth-minded, persistent, innovative, conscientious, caring, autonomous, & self-aware.

Some program highlights:

  • A rich culture of literacy and innovation
  • Daily practice to build and strengthen the mind-body connection
  • Extensive opportunities for student leadership and practical life experience
  • Partnerships with local organizations & businesses
  • Large outdoor spaces on the school grounds and adjacent St. Anthony Park
  • Multi-age learning opportunities incorporated into the school day
  • Engagement through the Innovate Design Cycle
  • World Language and culture integrated into the school day
  • After school enrichment opportunities
  • Programs to support all learners—Talent Development, English Learners (EL), Physical & Health Disabilities (P/HD), Special Education
  • A newly constructed & furnished learning environment to support collaborative & creative learning