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Vision, Mission, Values, and Beliefs

Our Vision, Mission, Values, & Beliefs

Below is our guiding Vision, Mission, Values, and Beliefs for Webster. As we build our school community, we will continue to refine these guiding elements. We will create our culture together, striving to be consciously present each day so that our actions exemplify these foundations.

MPS Mission: Minneapolis Public Schools exists to provide a high quality, anti-racist, culturally responsive education for every Minneapolis student.

MPS Commitment: To achieve our vision, we will intentionally focus and prioritize resources and actions to significantly improve the experiences and outcomes of Black students, Indigenous students, students of color and their families.

Our Vision: All students–regardless of their background, zip code, and individual needs–will receive an anti-racist, holistic education that builds essential knowledge and skills to prepare students for future success.

Webster Values:

  • Honor the individual: embrace each person with unique gifts and abilities to be shared, supported, and celebrated.
  • Cultivate Success: engage in teamwork, collaboration, and collaborative leadership while embracing a growth mindset as an individual and for our community.
  • Live with Integrity:  be trustworthy, transparent, and maintain courage to uphold our values and beliefs, and work to make our mission a reality.
  • Do What it Takes: be positive and constructive, engaging in hard work, maintaining a solution-oriented attitude.
  • Act with Compassion: work to understand others, forgive self and others, welcome and learn from various viewpoints.

Belief Statements:

With equity and in community, WE believe . . .

  • that all students can learn and must be provided the support and opportunities to engage in meaningful, challenging work.
  • that all of us have the power to be changemakers.
  • that we must model and instill a growth mindset, and use evidence-based practices so that students can reach their maximum potential.
  • that our diversity brings depth and richness to our lives, that it must be honored and celebrated, and that it is our duty to uphold the dignity of each and every person in our community.
  • that we must build a community where all voices are welcomed and heard, where collaboration is valued, and where mistakes and failures are celebrated as opportunities for further learning.
  • we must develop and deliver curriculum that is anti-racist, engages the intellect, and honors the creative, social, emotional, and cultural lives of our students.


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