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Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Information

Please check with your High Five and ECSE/ECFE staff regarding pick up and drop off for early childhood/pre-school programs at Webster.

Webster Drop Off and Pick Up

This year we have some changes regarding drop off and pick up at school that we are delighted to share with you! Please note this information for your family’s plans. 

Buses: Please have your child ride the bus if that can work for your family as that helps us to have an efficient arrival and dismissal. Buses will drop off at the front of the building along 5th street. New this year! Buses will pick students up at the end of the day on the north side of the building on Spring Street.

Drop Off In the Morning: Students should be dropped off between 8:00 and 8:10 am. Students may not arrive before 8:00 am, there is no available supervision for them at this time (unless you have signed up for Minneapolis Kids). If your child is going to eat breakfast at Webster, please try to have them here at 8:00 am or just after. Arrival after 8:10am means that your child will likely be late to class since class starts at 8:15 am. If your child is not having breakfast, please make sure they are here by 8:10 am as it takes a few minutes to walk to class, put materials away, and get settled. Tardies are recorded and can accumulate to an absence.

Parents will drop their children off in the front driveway (on 5th Street), just like last year. When the cones, students, or staff are in the crosswalk, NO cars may pass. You must wait until the crosswalk is all clear and the middle cones have been removed before proceeding. Please do not drop children off in the North Parking Lot (off Spring Street). This area is a drop-off for designated school buses. 

Pick Up: New this year! Students will be picked up in the front lot (on 5th Street). 

--Parents will pull up the driveway and wait in the queue. Cars should pull up single file along the curb. Staff will direct students to get in their cars. Parents should not get out of their car, this will help to make sure that pick-up can move efficiently. We will not allow students to get in cars that are not pulled up to the curb. This is an important safety practice and will help to make sure that cars do not double park and that parents are able to depart after they have picked up their children.

--It is imperative that we make eye contact with you in your car before having your child get in your car--this lets us know that you know your child is going to open the door; therefore, you will not pull any further forward. 

--If you need to park, please do so on 5th street. You may park in the front lot if you plan to depart after pick-up is complete. We don’t want people trying to leave the front lot parking spaces when we are doing pick-up; this is an effort to make it smooth, efficient, and safe for all. 

--Remember, only people on the emergency contact list may pick up your child. Please make sure that your emergency card is up to date with the office. Any new adult picking up your child is required to be added to your Emergency Card and have identification to show staff.

--Your students must be picked up between 2:45-2:50 (no later). We do not have supervision after 2:50 for your child. If you are late, due to an emergency, please let the office know.

--We will generally load the front 5-6 cars and have cars continue to move forward and fill those slots and continue to load.

--If you need to pick up your child right away due to family commitments, then you will need to park your car and walk to pick up from the front sidewalk, or plan on being one of the first few cars in line. 

--During pick-up, our North Lot will be closed in order to make it safer for staff to take students to their buses.

Please note, there will likely be some patience needed as we work out this new pick-up system. We hope that it better serves families, especially those with very young children. As with anything at Webster, we welcome your feedback--thank you!

Buses: If your child rides the bus, you should receive something in the mail from MPS Transportation. Melanie Hougo, our school secretary, will be able to help you with transportation questions. 

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