Important Info:

*No School Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week due to conferences!*

Conferences are Tuesday night (10/18) from 3-7 pm, and Wednesday (10/19) 7am - 3pm.  If you need a reminder of when you signed up, feel free to contact me!  I look forward to seeing you all over the next few days!

Reminder: Gum and toys can be a lot of fun, but the classroom is not the place for them!  We've been having a lot of toys come out during teaching time or work time, and some students have been giving out gum to others and/or spitting gum in the hallway.  The easiest solution would be to leave these at home.

Book orders are due October 20th.  Purchase your books online with the classroom code, QD7Z6by Thursday.

In our Classroom:

  • Math:
    • As of this week, we have finished our first unit!  Most students in our classroom have completed their graphing projects and they are hanging right outside our classroom in the hallway.  We have been also been working on reading and understanding thermometers and finding monetary amounts through adding different coins together.  Next week we will move onto our next unit (numbers to 1000).
  • Social Studies:
    • Wrapping up our social studies unit, we have been studying important historical figures and people who have helped to change the world.  This week we read about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and read a book about several presidents of the United States.
    • Note: Next week we will begin taking a look at our first science unit!
  • Literacy:
    • We are finishing up our opinion essays.  Students have completed an introduction and 2 body paragraphs in which they state their opinion on the topic, What do you think is the best way to help our community?  In their pieces, students have also given evidence and examples as to why they believe this and awknowledged opinions that might be different from their own.  Next week we'll wrap this up by putting together a conclusion.
  • Social Skills:
    • We are continuing to regularly practice meditation.  Every day after we come back from specialist we spend five minutes relaxing our minds and our bodies through our meditation practice!  These past few weeks we've been focusing on noticing our breath and picturing some place that makes us feel happy or content.