Important Info:

Picture Day is October 13th!

The first Webster walk-a-thon is this Friday, October 14th!  We will be walking around the school starting at around 1:15 until around 2:00.  If you and your child have been collecting pledges, send them in by Friday.

Conferences are next week!  Feel free to contact me if you need a reminder of when you're scheduled to meet with me.  Conferences will be held in the evening on Tuesday the 18th, and from 7am-3pm on Wednesday the 19th.

We have begun regularly-scheduled book check-out from the Webster library!  If your child checks out a book, be sure to have them bring it back by the next Friday so they can check out something new!

Book orders are due by October 20th.  You are welcome to purchase books online through, but make sure to use our class code so that our classroom can earn points for more books!  Our code is: QD7Z6.

*No School: October 19th, October 20th, October 21st (Conferences and Teacher Convention dates).*

In Our Classroom:

  • Math:
    • ‚ÄčIn math we are finishing up our unit on graphing with a final project.  Your children picked a question to collect data on from their classmates, organized that data, and have been creating their own graphs to represent that data.  We have also been touching on counting coins and money, as well as understanding temperature.
  • Social Studies:
    • Last week we learned about the 3 branches of government (Executive, Judicial, Legislative) by taking notes from a video and then creating a project!  This week we are learning about people who have helped make change in the world or in their communities.  So far we have learned about Bill Nye, Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, and Ruby Bridges.
  • Literacy:
    • We have been continuing our work with identifying the central message of a text.  This week, as a class we read the book, The Boy who Harnassed the Wind, by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer.  In our Writer's Workshop, we are learning how to write about our opinions.  We made rough drafts writing about the question, "What do you think is the best way to make your community a better place?"  Students are now editing and revising their papers making sure to include a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Social Skills:
    • We are continuing to regularly practice meditation.  Every day after we come back from specialist we spend five minutes relaxing our minds and our bodies through our meditation practice!
  • Reading Buddies!
    • This Friday, October 14th, we will start reading with the Kindergarteners in Ms. Diana's classroom downstairs!  3rd graders will be paired with a Kindergartener for partner/group reading for 20 minutes each Friday.  This will help to give our class a sense of leadership within the school, build schoolwide relationships, and help the Kindergarteners and 3rd Graders grow in their reading skills!