Important Info:

Progress reports went home with your children this Monday (November 7th).  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

For those of you wishing to get more involved with our school community (or are just looking for a space to stay up to date), check out the Friends of Webster, a group for families and members of the community interested in supporting Webster Elementary.  Updates from Friends of Webster can be found on their facebook page as well as their official website.

Webster's Fall Festival is coming up!  A flyer was sent home with your children this week with more details.  Webster's Fall Festival will take place Friday, November 11th from 5pm-7pm.  Hope you all can make it!

Picture retakes are next Monday, November 14th!  If your child is getting retakes please send the old pictures back to school.

*Note:  Just a reminder that toys, gum and candy should stay at home.  We have been seeying a lot of toys come out during instruction time and some students have been bringing out candy.*

In Our Classroom:

  • Math:
    • We are working on using mental math strategies to make complex problems simpler​ to solve.  Ask your child what strategies they like to use for addition and subtraction!
    • Our class utilizes Khan Academy as a supplement to our Math Workshop.  Many families expressed interest in extension activities at home, and Khan Academy is a great source for extra practice!  Each student has their own username and our class password is webster425.
  • Science:
    • We have been learning about Earth's Moon and the phases of the moon.  Our class has started working in science journals and are practicing the concept of observation.  Look for a Moon observation journal to come home in the following weeks!
    • We recently watched the Magic Schoolbus episode on space and our solar system - if you're interested in watching it at home, here's the linke to the episode: Magic Schoolbus Gets Lost in Space.
  • Reader's and Writer's Workshop:
    • We've moved on from opinion writing and are now looking at informative writing and texts.  To tie in with our science unit, we've been reading informational texts related to the Moon and the phases of the Moon!