Important Info:

*Reminder: No school this Thursday and Friday (November 3rd & 4th)!

Webster's Fall Festival is coming up!  A flyer was sent home with your children this week with more details.  Webster's Fall Festival will take place Friday, November 11th from 5pm-7pm.  Hope you all can make it!

For those of you wishing to get more involved with our school community (or are just looking for a space to stay up to date), check out the Friends of Webster, a group for families and members of the community interested in supporting Webster Elementary.  Updates from Friends of Webster can be found on their facebook page as well as their official website.

in Our Classroom:

  • Math
    • We are continuing our second unit, Numbers to 1,000.  We have been discussing mental math strategies, different ways to represent numbers, greater than, less than & equal to, and using rounded numbers to solve more complex equations.
    • Our class utilizes Khan Academy as a supplement to our Math Workshop.  Many families expressed interest in extension activities at home, and Khan Academy is a great source for extra practice!  Each student has their own username and our class password is webster425.
  • Social Studies/Science:
    • We are slowly moving into our first science unit - the Universe!  More updates to come!
  • Reader's and Writer's Workshop:
    • In our Reader's Workshop we've been learning about how to identify the mood of a story through examples from the text and illustrations.  This week we read the book, I Wonder by Annaka Harris.  
    • This week we finished up our Opinion Essays and put them together as books!  Students have been writing about their opinions on how best to help our community.  On Wednesday (11/2), our class will be sharing their essay books with students in Anna's second grade class.