Sari Shorey
  • Public Health Certificate, Minnesota Board of Nursing
  • PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support, AHA); BLS-AED for the Professional Rescuer (AHA); First Aid (Red Cross)
  • B.A. Science in Nursing, University of Minnesota

A bit about me - I am in awe of the honor that nurses receive through the display of trust and confidence from others as they are welcomed into the health journey of a patient or friend. I entered into the field of school nursing for the opportunity to walk alongside children and families on the path of health more gradually and with a long term perspective. I was also curious about teachers and what they do!


I enjoy travel (my favorite cities are Krakow and Sao Paulo), visiting neighborhood parks with my children, performing music with my husband (we used to bike around and perform at various farmers markets- we will continue with this again someday!), visiting orchards in the fall and making scrumptious pies, and taking non-digital photographs (there is a functional darkroom in our home).

I believe in—encouraging every life to be as beautiful as possible within its current capacity and to appreciate every being; achieving our personal health potential through inspirational learning, increased autonomy, and caring for our own health every day--not just when we are diagnosed as ill.

My education journey—My family loves learning and has used music as our foundation for instruction about working hard to create something you enjoy and are proud of. In addition, our dear family pets have helped us to learn about how the impact of responsibility extended beyond our own being and onto those we love. I spent most of college tucked away in cozy corners of the library and emerged for classes, clinicals, and group study sessions. Now as a nurse, I learn more every day from the folks I encounter, the constant advancements in the health field, from looking behind to the health traditions of the past, and by looking around to the methods of other cultures.

Books—I really enjoy the classics. Classic American, British, and Russian literature with others sprinkled in. Books which jump out as obvious favorites are Cry, The Beloved Country, East of Eden, A Tale of Two Cities, and Anna Karenina. I have been joking about recruiting for a book club on War and Peace for years. Maybe you would want to participate!?

Stories to tell— An unexpected layover in Montevideo, Uruguay; what I found washed up on the Pacific shore; selling my favorite couch to buy a 1972 Winnebago; my great grandfather was employed in the coal room of the Titanic but was late for work on a fateful day.