Alexa LaPatka
  • B.A. K-12 English as a Second Language, Northwestern College, St. Paul
  • Responsive Classroom Training
  • ENVoY Certified

A bit about me – I have been teaching for 4 short but rewarding years! I love teaching, traveling, learning, reading, and crafting. My absolute favorite thing is taking care of my baby boy who was born just this summer!

I believe in— dedicated, meaningful teamwork. I believe that lofty goals can only be achieved when we, as a whole community, come together in active support of those goals. I believe that all people (especially the children who walk through our lives) thrive when we are genuinely compassionate and respectful.

My education journey—Both my parents were educators. I was raised around developing curriculum, and served as a “test subject” for much of their literacy curriculum. Like many kids, I played at being teacher for a long time. I suppose I just never grew out of that. I love teaching! I consider it an honor and a joy to watch my students grow in their skills and knowledge of the world.

Books—With my students, I love to read books by Mo Willems (Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus), Dr. Seuss, and Laura Numeroff (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...).