Greetings from the Webster Health Office!



Please call the Main Office at (612) 668-1210 to report any absences, for attendance related issues, or any immediate concerns. 


Health Office Contact Information:

  • Health Office Phone: (612) 668-1217
  • Fax: (612) 668-1220

Health Office Staff:

Licensed School Nurse: Sari Shorey (RN, BSN, LSN, PHN). She is in the Webster health office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Her role involves coordinating and monitoring the Health Office operations, student health services, planning for students with special health needs, emergency planning, staff training, Special Education evaluations, IEP accommodations, and support for health related concerns specified in 504 plans.


Please visit the District's Health Website for:

  • Commonly Used Forms
  • Information about Illness and Communicable Disease
  • Immunizations Needed for School
  • Taking Medicine in School
  • Treatment Authorization

Am I well enough to go to school? This brochure has information about common childhood illnesses and details about when students must stay at home.

Does your child have Special Dietary Needs? Please visit the Nutrition Services Website for information and forms about providing special diet accommodations for students.

Health Events/Partners:

  • Hearing Screening: Performed annually by the district’s audiologist for all 1st grade students.
    • Nov 4th, 2015
  • Vision Screening: This service is provided by Phillip’s Eye Clinics EYE program. Screening is performed annually for all K & 1st grade students.
    • March 4th and March 11th, 2016

Health Office Mission:

To promptly address needs to help students be in their optimal health and get back to learning. To identify when a health concern may be a barrier to learning and partner with the parents and teachers to minimize the educational impact. To prevent identifiable emergencies through education of staff and utilize resources to improve our students’ access to excellent health care.