Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information

2016-2017 Drop Off/ Pick Up*


*Please check with your High Five and ECSE/ECFE staff regarding pick up and drop off for early childhood/pre-school programs at Webster.


Drop off Time: 7:45 – 8:00 A.M. No drop off before 7:45


Drop-off: Change--Students may be dropped off in the school driveway. Students should only be dropped at the curb and get out on the curbside. If they cannot, please park your car and walk your child to the front of the building. The crosswalk is blocked with cones and a staff member is posted at this spot. No cars are to drive through the crosswalk without a signal from a staff member after a cone has been removed to allow cars through. If there are any students near the crosswalk, cars will have to wait.


If you need to walk in with your child, please park in the west parking lot, and accompany your child through the lot to the sidewalk. No students are to walk unaccompanied unless they are in the crosswalk.


Pick-up Time: 2:35 P.M. Students must be picked up by 2:40.


Pick-up and walkers: Every child needs to be signed out if they are being picked up.  Anyone signing out a student must be listed on that student’s emergency card--no exceptions. Please find a parking spot past the crosswalk in the school parking lot or on the street and come into the school. This will help expedite the dismissal process. Please note: there will be no driving through the crosswalk until all buses have departed and the cones have been removed from the crosswalk by a staff person.


Buses: If your child rides the bus, you should receive something in the mail from MPS Transportation. Melanie Hougo, our school secretary, will be able to help you with transportation questions.

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