Beth Lewis
  • B.A. Creative Writing, Macalester College
  • M. ED. Special Education, University of Minnesota
  • Teaching Licenses: MN Pre-K, MN Early Childhood Special Education, MA Teacher of Young Children with Special Needs

History-- I started working with children after graduating from Macalester College with a creative writing degree. The educational program was run through Children’s Hospital and served exceptional children with communication disorders. I went back to school (U of MN) to get a teaching license and have worked serving special needs preschoolers ever since! I was very fortunate in my career- my first job was to create a classroom to serve multi-hanidicapped children in Waltham, Massachusetts. In Minnesota, I worked with St.David’s School in Hopkins and then on to Minneapolis Public Schools. I was initially working at Seward Montessori School and loved learning Montessori philosophy and using the hands-on materials for learning. Another important influence was my participation in “Responsive Classroom” training; These disciplines helped me to develop my philosophy of working with young children.

Philosophy-- believe that all children/people are amazing and have the potential to do whatever they choose. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with young children and their families and help support the early learning that will help support them throughout their adventures! I have learned so much from the children who attend preschool. One of the most important teachings (thank you, Carlos) is that no matter what you are given in terms of challenges, you can do anything! My families all have interesting stories to share, and being allowed to meet all these people and interact a little in their lives is so rewarding!

I also love laughing, dancing, and music, and our classroom is always filled with the joy that these disciplines bring,

Trivia-- I really love music. My father was a doctor and concert pianist and I grew up with music surrounding me all day every day. I do not really play an instrument, but I have a “good ear.” My husband is a jazz guitar player and my oldest son is working on a double major focusing on performing arts degree playing trombone and kinesiology at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. My middle son is studying communications at the U of MN and my youngest son attends South High. He is really into ultimate Frisbee.

I also love playing Frisbee, being outdoors, gardening, reading, and feeling strong. Oh. And I also currently work part time at the airport loading and unloading airplanes…